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Culpa works on the fault line of figuration and conceptualism – in charcoal and ink – between Berlin and Kay.


  • January 01

Exhibition Preview Event – A Year of Living Dangerously

Exhibition Preview - November [...]

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Be one of the first in the UK to see Feliks Culpa - A [...]

Dates Confirmed

UK show dates confirmed as November 9th - 21st The first exhibition of the drawings of Feliks Culpa will [...]


A Year of Living Dangerously

A Year of Living Dangerously

A Year of Living Dangerously is a verso dated series of 365 daily drawings derived from Hitchcock’s film, The Birds.

Utilizing memetic isomorphism, A Year Of Living Dangerously is as much an abstract event calendar paying tribute to Tehching Hsieh (Doing Time), On Kawara (Date Paintings) and Vic Muniz (Verso) as it is to Alfred Hitchcock or Douglas Gordon (24 Hour Psycho).

Press Pause / News 24

La Comédie Humaine

“Études philosophiques”, appropriated from times boundless reel of celluloid, recount countless conflicted artists and their obsessions.

These “Obsequio a el Maestro” bring together a cast of coaxial characters, performing the ever shifting roles of; artist, muse, collector and critic, in Frenhofer’s tormented quest for Le Chef-d’oeuvre inconnu.

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Re-Generate Art Vol 1 – Augmenting Aachen

Reinterpreting by title, with the aide of news search algorithms, the Degenerate Art (Entartete Kunst) destroyed by the Nazi party.

Re-appropriating it virtually, via the geo-location coordinates from which they were originally seized.

Press Pause / News 24

News 24 / Press Pause

News 24 / Press Pause, is a collection of drawings appropriated from events occurring on the 24th day of each month, curated via the glut of rolling news channels.

Reportage from the perspective of the arm chair general, side-line commentator, back seat driver.